UX & UI creation

Your visual

Pulsar Agency helps you create your graphic identities and key messages.

Création d'applications et logiciels métier

Pulsar Agency accompanies you in the revelation of your identity, in order to make your project visible. Our talented team creates your content and messages and put your brand DNA in image.

Our illustrators, graphic designers, art directors, web designers will imagine all your new graphic materials. As for our copywriters, they are here to turn your values and brand identities into words, while conveying emotions.

Pulsar Agency gets to know your brand in depth, in order to locate each project very precisely in its context. The graphic translation of the very essence of your business will flow all the more easily.

So trust us, and introduce yourself in a dazzling way!


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Creation of identities: Artistic direction / Visual identity

We help you to design the graphic identity of your brand, to define the artistic direction on which your campaigns and media will be based. Our graphic designers will build your graphic charter to set up the different visual elements that will make your company identifiable by your target audiences.

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Creation of communication media

We support you in the realization of your communication media. Whether your communication challenges are 'print' (brochures, posters, catalogues, leaflets, product labels) or 'digital' (banners, strategic presentations, product enhancements, etc.), our designers work to create surprising, innovative and impactful media materials.

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Our web designers and graphic designers will help you design your website or applications that are often your main point of contact with your targets. Your showcase sites, e-commerce site, social networks, or landing pages will therefore be personalized and engaging content that will be performance levers for you.

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Content marketing 

To help you create a positive relationship between your brand and your audiences, our writers develop relevant and impactful editorial strategies or storytelling. We help you tell your story while creating emotion around your products or services. Blogs, website content, white papers, or magazines, all media are good to give relief to your brand speech.

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Creating photos & videos

We make your corporate films, product demonstrations and any other video content. Writing the script, creating the moodboard, editing and production, all the necessary steps to design a powerful and creative film.

To enhance your products and services, have authentic and qualitative content, we organize your photoshoots. Our photographers, artists, advertising professionals and product specialists (staging, packshots...) will bring you images of exceptional quality and shots reflecting the values of your brand.

An adapted and agile

Our talented team acts and thinks alongside you to offer visuals and content that meet your needs.


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