Become a web pro with Pulsar!

Being a recognized member in the Open Source community, Pulsar trains and assists you in web-related professions.


We share our expertise with you through our training center (numéro 11 95 04407 95) and the skills of our certified trainers (Joomla!, PHP...). All our training courses are customized to meet your specific needs. 

They can be covered by your training organization or your Personal Training Account.


We offer, according to your specific needs, intra-company or inter-company training in our training facilities in the Paris region, at your premises or remotely with GoToMeeting, Skype, Hangout or other technologies.

hands-on training!
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customized training courses

Customized training courses

Because your need is inevitably unique, our training courses are customized to answer it. Even if the training courses we provide are aimed at a group of the same entity, we customize our training courses to each individual, according to their level, their knowledge and their needs.

Certified Joomla training courses!

Pulsar is one of the first Joomla! certified agencies in the world to be officially authorized to administer Joomla exams and certifications, recognized by the OSM (Open Source Matters), which manages the Joomla! brand. They allow you to understand how to translate specifications into concrete implementation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

80% hands-on training!

We train you with 20% theory but above all 80% practice through concrete exercises followed and corrected by your trainer in session. The aim is to teach you good practices and to ensure that they are well known.

And in order to extend your training, our digital agency can assist you on your various projects and help you develop your websites.

Also, discover for free on the Pulsar blog the courses and tutorials resulting from our trainings: "tips and tricks" that will allow you to better manage your CMS.

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