Showcase and
e-shop sites

Websites with high added value

Our web agency assists you to optimize your business using digital through showcase websites or e-commerce. We help you design with you the website you need for your business.


On a human scale and highlighting our involvement and responsibility by your side, we guarantee you a maximum commitment. With a controlled budget and respected deadlines, trust us, we shall deliver back

A website designed
for clear objectives

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By offering you the best tools (choice of CMS and technologies) and the best interfaces (design trends, responsive, mobile first, user experience etc...), our mission is not only to develop your website. Above all, it is a question of accompanying you on the analysis of your objectives:

  • Referencing
  • Increase in sales or visibility
  • Contact requests or quotations
  • Renewal of your image

Technical expertise

Our agency includes graphic designers, developers, integrators, references and system administrators to create high quality websites and applications with a focus on availability and service.

Our quality positioning is ensured by our original production line based on leading CMS such as Joomla! WordPress or Prestashop to create sites of very high quality quickly and with requirements for performance, security, completeness of specifications and scalability. Coupled with frontend powered with REACT we provide highly mobile, fast and multichanels solutions.

As a leading contributor and actor in the Open Source community since 2007, Pulsar regularly conducts international courses and conferences on the subject.



Notre Quality positioning is ensured by our production chain around leading CMS showcasing a methodology supported by collaborative tools.


To support the Pulsar Informatique method, Pulsar Informatique provides the customer with a REDMINE collaborative space to:


Centralize on the project forum all questions and exchanges on the project during the study and development phases of the project


Have the Wiki of the project for the technical and user documentation of the website


View the GANTT schedule of the project


Create and animate the development phases with the list of tasks to be carried out in an AGILE approach


 Have a space to deposit and share files on the project


Provide a unified interface for customers, once the website is online for requests, comments, bugs reported by the customer with a FOLLOW UP on the progress of corrections.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.