Université Sorbonne Paris 3

Communication, Relookage, Visibilité
2014 Académique


  • provide a common base for several academic entities (DBU, BSB, Cadist) to pool developments,
  • allow separate communications on fields and visuals specific to each entity,
  • automate the uploading of documents from the university's SIGDB


  • Multi- language multi-site architecture with the Joomla + Seblod couple
  • Rights management and back office access separated by entity
  • Sharing of functions and content between entities to minimize development and double entry.


  • Maintenance cost reduction of 33%
  • Autonomy in the management of content and functions thanks to continuous training,
  • Increase in website traffic.


Pulsar Informatique met our three challenges and was an effective partner in this project. They were particularly responsive and were able to adapt to our needs and our requests which change rather frequently. As the project manager, I especially appreciated the team’s response times, fast answers to our technical questions, their willingness and their energy and, above all, their listening and communication skills when dealing with librarians who can be particularly demanding and severe. In particular, I would like to highlight the friendliness and warmth of our meetings and the team’s tremendous work capacity, when they were even available for email exchanges on the Sunday before the websites were launched. As a former aerospace engineer, I have known very few consultants this dedicated to their projects.
Réalisation: Université Sorbonne Paris 3
Our work: Paris 3 Sorbonne University
Projet de mutualisation de plusieurs entités académiques de la Sorbonne Nouvelle en une seule plateforme pour plusieurs communications séparées.
Université Sorbonne Paris 3
Paris 3 Sorbonne University

Project to pool several academic entities of the Sorbonne Nouvelle in a single platform for several separate communications.

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