Image & marketing

Positionnement marketing
2021 Vitrine


The Theoris company wanted to reposition its offer and its digital communication through the redesign of its website with the following main objectives:  

  • clear communication of the offer of services and products,
  • marketing position clear to prospects and customers,
  • An updated design designed for mobile devices,
  • Effective SEO in French and English,
  • content management easy ,
  • Global maintenance of the site.


  • Positioning of the Théoris brand with creation of the visual identity (charter and logo)
  • New showcase site in French and English developed under WordPress with development of a module of Théoris achievements easy to use for the client
  • Global site maintenance contract (hosting, backup, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, support) with an Activity Resumption Plan within 48 hours in the event of a host crash.


  • Company image positioned and strengthened
  • Increased web  traffic
  • Increase in sales leads


Theoris needed a new website to promote his new OmniRealities mixed reality product line. After consulting several suppliers, we finally made our choice on Pulsar which was able to meet our expectations, both in terms of covering the need, namely from the marketing phase to production, but also in the envelope. budget fixed. The result, resulting from joint work in a relationship based on trust and friendliness, is on the Appointment!
Stéphane Cousin
Directeur Opérationnel
Réalisation: Image & marketing
Our work: Image redesign & marketing positioning

Repositionnement marketing et refonte de la charte graphique et du site web vitrine multi langues pour la société Théoris, experte des technologies 3D et embarquées.

Image & marketing
Image redesign & marketing positioning

Marketing repositioning project and redesign of the multilanguage showcase website for Theoris , a leading company in 3D technologies and embedded solutions.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.