Site institutionnel et intranet

Communauté de Commune Senlis Sud Oise
Institutionnel, Intranet
2018 Institutionnel, Intranet


  • Unify communication on the new Commune Community
  • Develop online services for the user
  • Improve the work of elected officials by computerizing business processes
  • Rejuvenate the image of the community with mobile design and ergonomics
  • Allow very simple daily management


  • Website and intranet on the same CMS Joomla!
  • Ergonomic and design study ( UX and UI ) for accessible and fast interfaces
  • Scalable architecture to integrate new functions to come
  • Intranet with meeting agendas , agenda, associated documents according to flexible rights management


  • 37% increase in web traffic
  • Better image of CC and services provided
  • Better preparation for meetings (mandatory reading of the agenda)


PULSAR knew how to take the time to support us, throughout the creation of the site, in particular in the definition of our needs after a substantive work during several weeks in order to create this website while scrupulously respecting our expectations. These exchange times, marked by great conviviality, allowed us to structure our thinking, thanks to the continuous presence of professional, efficient and patient professionals. I can only thank the representatives of the company for the important time spent on this project. They were also able to respond to all unforeseen requests throughout the creation of the project, to ensure continuity of service and meet the expectations of elected officials. Very good work, I thank the professionals and will not fail to extend our collaboration in the years to come.
Thomas Bordonali
Directeur général des services
Réalisation: Site institutionnel et intranet
Our work: Institutional and intranet site

Site vitrine et intranet pour la Communauté de Communes Senlis Sud Oise. L'objectif double consistait à mieux communiquer (site institutionnel) mais aussi à mieux travailler (site intranet pour les élus et les agents).

Site institutionnel et intranet
Institutional and intranet site

Showcase and intranet site for the Community of Communes Senlis Sud Oise. The dual objective consisted in better communication (institutional site) but also in better working (intranet site for elected officials and agents).

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