PSV groupe

2023 Vitrine


  • Create an attractive institutional site designed for mobile
  • Promote the company, its history, its know-how
  • Ease of updating content and adding pages by the client
  • Have better SEO
  • Win new customers especially on export
  • Establish the positioning of MANUFACTURER and not distributor
  • Make yourself known to distributors who need to be retained (activate the network)
  • Provide more information on the site so that PSV can save time and personnel and concentrate on its business as a manufacturer


  • Redefinition of marketing positioning and communication strategy
  • Positioning, coaching on writing texts, clarification of the brief for website specifications
  • New design that highlights products and their added value
  • Site design using WordPress


  • 4000% increase in contacts via the site
  • Multiplication by 10 of the number of positioned keywords
  • Clearer and more current communication from the company


An excellent experience, I would like to express our great satisfaction with the services provided by the Pulsar teams as part of the redesign of our website.
They were professional and responsive, responding to our needs and expectations while taking care
to support us in understanding the new tools made available to us.
I particularly appreciated their investment in their desire to understand our activity as well as
our environment so that their approach is as relevant as possible.
Since the new site went online we have seen a 4000% increase in our internet contacts. There is a real positive impact and the sales department is therefore very satisfied.
So thank you to the whole team
Joachim Villa
Réalisation: PSV groupe
Our work: PSV group

Revalorisation et repositionnement d'une marque commerciale au travers de la refonte de son site web

PSV groupe
PSV group

Revaluation and repositioning of a commercial brand through the redesign of its website

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