Association Musenor

Association des conservateurs des musées des Hauts-de-France
Accadémique, Vitrine
Communication, Trafic, Visibilité
2017 Accadémique, Vitrine


  • Create an effective communication and information tool,
  • Obtain a simple and effective graphic identity ,
  • Allow the dissemination of educational files on the Internet as part of the interdepartmental portal on the history of the arts,
  • Promote the collections of museums in the Hauts de France region.


  • Creation of a new logo and graphic charter,
  • Site created with Joomla and Seblod to allow personalized search engines ,
  • Optimization of the referencing of museum and collection pages,
  • Co-management by different museums
  • Dedicated input interfaces for contributors.


  • Increase awareness of museums and the region,
  • Museum visitation rates on the rise,
  • Better coordination between the different museums.


Pulsar Informatique is a business partner that is meticulous when it comes to timelines and content, and that employs a particularly effective collaborative methodology in its work. 100% satisfaction! The museums of Picardy now have a convenient website that is a better match for our expectations and that boasts an attractive interface in line with all our hopes. Pulsar guided us throughout the project, recommended relevant solutions, listened to us and made website management accessible to us. Lastly, Pulsar is still attentive to our changing needs and steps in quickly whenever needed.
Anne-Sophie Berger
Réalisation: Association Musenor

Conception du portail des principaux musées de la région Hauts de France pour promouvoir et fédérer les actions culturelles régionales.

Association Musenor
Musenor website

Design of the portal of the main museums in the Hauts de France region to promote and federate regional cultural actions.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.