Site vitrine et intranet

Ligue de l'enseignement de l'Oise
Emploi & formation
Optimisation des process
2019 Emploi & formation


  • Better visibility on the net,
  • Simplified collaborative management 
  • Increase and simplification of registrations for BAFA training courses ,
  • Better management of training monitoring 
  • Increase in memberships .


  • Improving the readability of services through clear ergonomics dedicated to the different target audiences,
  • Current design designed for mobiles and workstations,
  • Collaborative management of the entry and publication of content in dedicated workflows ,
  • Possibility to register online for training (BAFA) and online membership with online payment ,
  • Private area  (intranet) for trainers and training registrants,
  • Better visibility of services on the net through effective natural referencing ,
  • Blog area for news and events,
  • Management of newsletters and social networks ,
  • Mini sites for special events.


  • 30% increase in web traffic
  • 25% increase in registrations
  • 15% membership increase
  • Better monitoring and sharing of information between trainers and trainees.


We had a site that no longer met current requirements in terms of ergonomics, graphics and structure. The PULSAR team and particularly Eva and Deborah, accompanied us in this "major overhaul" which, among other things, included online payment, space for trainers and trainees and management of newsletters. The task was arduous, but at the Oise Teaching League we are satisfied with the end result.
Ligia Bolivar
Responsable de communication
Réalisation: Site vitrine et intranet
Our work: Showcase and intranet site

Site vitrine et portail intranet pour la ligue de l'enseignement de l'Oise. Gestion complète des inscriptions aux formations avec paiement en ligne et espace privé pour les formateurs et stagiaires.

Site vitrine et intranet
Showcase and intranet site

Showcase site and intranet portal for the Oise education league. Complete management of training registrations with online payment and private area for trainers and trainees.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.