Intranet & extranet Arefie

Optimisation des process
2017 Intranet


  • Have a relay of network events to be held in Hauts-de-France.
  • Have a secure INTRANET allowing 1600 network employees to:
    • quickly disseminate information and documents to the entire network.
    • plan meetings of working groups and events,
    • share experiences and good practices between network professionals in a common space
  • Allow clear visibility on search engines,
  • According to attractive current ergonomics ,
  • With simplified content management by several profiles with specific rights.


  • integrated solution (public and intranet site) with the Joomla! CMS and CCK SEBLOD
  • new mobile ergonomic design (responsive)
  • SEO optimization for natural referencing


  • Network visibility increased by 38%
  • Simplification of internal communication through private space
  • Better federation between network members


The project we were carrying out was quite complex, with a part intended for the general public and a part reserved for our members, as well as various functionalities such as an interactive map and a calendar allowing to register online for meetings or trainings. . Our needs were not always clearly defined or not precise enough. Also, the Pulsar team has demonstrated pedagogy to support us in the design of our site.

Our site has now been operational for a few months, and when we encounter a technical bug or for any request for assistance, the Pulsar team continues to react quickly to repair the malfunction or provide us with a response.

It is a relationship of trust that has been established now for over a year.
Réalisation: Intranet & extranet Arefie
Our work: Arefie intranet

Site de l'animation des Missions Locales, Maisons de l'Emploi et des Plies pour la région Hauts de France. L'objectif était de créer à la fois un site publique et un extranet et un intranet qui permet aux membres du réseau de partager des documents, organiser et suivre des réunions avec leurs documents associés ou de gérer les formations du réseau.

Intranet & extranet Arefie
Arefie intranet

Site of the animation of the Local Missions, Houses of Employment and Plies for the Hauts de France region. The objective was to create both a public site and an intranet that allows network members to share documents, organize and follow meetings with their associated documents or manage network training.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.