Centre de Formation des Apprentis Affida

Emploi & formation, Vitrine
Relookage, Trafic
2017 Emploi & formation, Vitrine



  • Make apprentices want to come and register for the CFA
  • Make companies want to take an AFFIDA apprentice
  • Revamp the site and make it conform to current trends and usage (mobility)
  • Maintain and improve effective natural referencing on search engines




  • Marketing analysis of demand and competitors
  • Keyword research for natural referencing
  • Site design around these keywords
  • New responsive young and engaging design


  • + 45% increase in the number of school registrations
  • Reduction of request processing times thanks to online forms
  • Rejuvenation of the school image
  • Easy content update


What a pleasure to work with Pulsar Informatique! We called on them to redo the website of our Affida CFA and the result is excellent: the site is very functional, modern, dynamic with a very beautiful and attractive design. The number of school registrations has increased enormously before the site was even completely filled! As for the Pulsar team, their professionalism is no longer to be demonstrated as they are available, responsive, perfectionists and, to make matters worse, friendly. One thing is certain, we will not hesitate to call them again for other projects or to recommend them.
Sébastien GIRAUD
Directeur général
Réalisation: Centre de Formation des Apprentis Affida
Our work: Affida Training Center

Refonte fonctionnelle et graphique du site web pour dynamiser le trafic provenant des apprentis et des entreprises.

Centre de Formation des Apprentis Affida
Affida Training Center

Functional and graphic redesign of the website to boost traffic from apprentices and companies.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.