Catalogue lié à un ERP

Aviatec Global Aviation
E-commerce, Vitrine
2023 E-commerce, Vitrine


  • Enhance the commercial image of the company
  • Increase web traffic to increase the number of quote requests
  • Prepare a next e-commerce version
  • View the up- to-date product catalog online (approximately 6,000 references) from ERP


  • Development of a showcase site + catalog with the Joomla solution! and Seblod.
  • Optimization of static pages and product pages for natural referencing.
  • Backoffice development of an interface to import the catalog export from the ERP (Quantum).


  • + 200% increase in web traffic
  • + 50% increase in requests for quotes
  • International opening with 400 new customers


The Pulsar agency allowed Aviatec to gain 400 new customers in the space of one year, by means of a new website and highly effective natural optimization (without an AdWords campaign).
Rosalina D'agnone
Responsable qualité et logistique chez Aviatec
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Our work: ERP linked catalog

Dans le domaine aéronautique, Aviatec est un leader du négoce des produits chimiques pour les avions. L'accent a été mis sur le référencement naturel du site et sur une ergonomie qui permet de réduire les temps de traitement des demandes de devis.

Catalogue lié à un ERP
ERP linked catalog

In the aeronautical sector, Aviatec is a leader in the trading of chemicals for aircraft. Emphasis was placed on the natural referencing of the site and on an ergonomics which makes it possible to reduce the processing times of the requests for estimate.

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