Site vitrine et e-commerce

E-commerce, Ile de France
Relookage, Trafic, Ventes
2022 E-commerce, Ile de France


  • Increase site traffic and contact requests and quotes,
  • Increase online sales turnover ,
  • Revamp the image of the company,
  • Guarantee the autonomy of the Aerolithe company in the management of its domain and the developments of its site.


  • Merger of the 3 old showcase and e-commerce sites into a single site,
  • New ergonomic and responsive design in French and English,
  • Realization under the Joomla CMS! and CCK SEBLOD for dedicated ergonomic management interfaces,
  • Global maintenance which includes small modifications on the site,
  • Consistent stock management between online sales and sales in real stores.


  • 35% increase in sales
  • 27% increase in quote requests
  • Reduced processing times for online orders.


We enlisted the services of Pulsar Informatique to completely overhaul our website and our online store. Their full understanding of our issues, regular meetings, and the availability and professionalism of the Pulsar team yielded results with which we are very satisfied (traffic to our site has doubled). The post-fulfilment monitoring they provide is also very professional.

We are very pleased with the flexibility of our website which we are able to modify and update and over which we have 98% of the control.
Finally, the feedback we have received from our customers has been very positive.
Charlotte Bellec
Dirigeante d'Aerolithe
Réalisation: Site vitrine et e-commerce
Our work: E-commerce and showcase website

Refonte complète du site vitrine et e-commerce pour Aerolithe en 2013 avec le CMS Joomla! et le CCK SEBLOD. Site multi plateformes (responsive design) et multi langues. Création de logo du groupe et décliné par marque.

Site vitrine et e-commerce
E-commerce and showcase website

Complete overhaul of the showcase and e-commerce site for Aerolithe in 2013 with the Joomla CMS! and CCK SEBLOD. Multi platform site (responsive design) and multi languages. Creation of group logo and declined by brand.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.