Marketing consulting

Our team, composed of consulting directors, project managers, graphic designers, developers, integrators, referrers and system administrators, will guide you through each step of your project, from strategic reflection upstream, its operational implementation to the kick-off.


Your positioning

Services, targets, competitors, objectives



Design, creation, contents, developpment, seo optimisation


your website

Promotion, trafic increase, SEO

Focus on our SEO approach

Throughout your project, we optimize the organic search of your website, in order to make it appear in the first search results of Google, following the requests of Internet users on specific keywords.

This is a major objective in the design or redesign of a website.

Thanks to our recognized SEO expertise and our ability to analyze and understand your business and challenges, we improve the performance of your website or web application on three levels:


IN PAGE optimization

The aim here is to work on each page at the syntactic level (presence and quality of tags, text length, presence of media...) but also at the semantic level (precise distribution of lexical fields related to the topic addressed...).


IN SITE optimization

This refers to the relationships between the different pages of your website. We are talking here about a cocoon or semantic silo to improve the internal Page Rank to target urls, the popularity of web pages indexed by Google.


OFF SITE optimization

These are external links (third-party sites) or backlinks that will redirect to the pages of your website

Since success is only based on technical expertise, Pulsar assists you in the positioning, referencing and launch of your website to ensure the development and success of your project.