Collaborative intranet

Boost your team spirit!

The Pulsar agency specializes in the creation of intranets to improve your corporate communication and promote exchanges and sharing between your employees. We work in project mode from design to maintenance , in business immersion to offer you solutions without a license to pay , efficient, accessible and secure.

Intranet pour la communication interne

Development of your tailor-made intranet: intranet creation for internal communication

  • Company Social Network to boost exchanges
  • News and internal events to share information
  • Training offers: improving the skills of your employees
  • Collaborative Document Management System( DMS )
  • Meals & restaurant tickets 
  • Carpooling and transport: facilitate mutual assistance
  • Employee directories
  • Dedicated project spaces: grouping information around the players
  • Sharing and cohesion of teams
  • Good deals : reduction, cultural outing, books, podscast….
  • Communication media
  • Newsletters to keep your employees informed
  • Photo library / video library
  • Registration for meetings and associated documents

The benefits for our customers


Work better

Collaborative work for more efficiency.
Better sharing of knowledge and information 


Communicate better

Unite employees and partners.
Develop team spirit


Manage better

Bring out talents. Less vertical and more participatory internal communication


We are involved in all or part of the project development cycle:

  • 1 Sharing a vision with the client 
  • 2 Statement of requirements
  • 3 Analysis of the existing system and interconnections with your tools
  • 4 Change management support
  • 5 Iterative developments
  • 6 Training 
  • 7 Implementation
  • 8 Maintenance

Respect of your budget with the Open Source

Control your costs with Open Source (Laravel, Symfony, Joomla, Drupal, React JS, Vue JS ...)  without a license to pay . Our technical experts as well as our digital communication consultants support you step by step and over time and in the success of your tailor-made intranet site on a fixed- price basis or according to the Agile method. 

Our tailor-made solutions provide interconnection with your existing tools (Sharepoint, EDM, CRM, various business web applications) without having to redevelop these functions to reduce your costs and make your investments profitable.


Varied and satisfied customers

Since 2005 the Pulsar agency has been working with large accounts, SMEs and communities to develop tailor-made intranet portals adapted to each person's needs.

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