Extranet portals

Extranet creation

Pulsar agency is specialized in the creation of extranets to facilitate exchanges between the company, your customers and your suppliers. We work in project mode from design to maintenance , in business immersion to develop an extranet network  without a license to pay, efficient, accessible and secure.é.

Collaborative extranet creation

We develop tailor-made extranets:

  • Customer area (downloads, invoices, accounts ...)
  • Supplier area
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with your suppliers and customers
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Custom CRM
  • Groupware - cooperative work
  • Online services
  • Project monitoring
  • Digitization of your processes
  • Business workflows

The benefits for our customers


Work better

Digitization of business workflows.
Groupware for collaborative work


Communicate better

Keep your customers and suppliers up to date


Sell better

Develop new
online services for your customers

We are involved in all or part of the project development cycle:

  • 1 Sharing a vision with the client 
  • 2 Statement of requirements
  • 3 Analysis of the existing system and interconnections with your tools
  • 4 Change management support
  • 5 Iterative developments
  • 6 Training 
  • 7 Implementation
  • 8 Maintenance

Proven and recognized technologies

Our team of experts in Open Source technologies (Laravel or Symfony Frameworks, Angular, React Js and Vue JS technologies  without a license to pay ) as well as our strategic and marketing consultants support you step by step and over time and in the success of all your tailor-made projects and software.



Classic method or...

 Traditional methodology is preferred when the target need and functional specifications are clear and fixed at the start of the project.


… agile method

The so-called "agile" methodology is preferred when the outlines of the highly complex project are not entirely clear at the outset and are likely to evolve as the tool is built. We proceed by successive short cycles (the "sprints"), each deliverable of which constitutes a part of the final product.
La méthode AGILE pour une meilleure gestion de projet

This method makes it possible to move forward hand in hand with the client by integrating from the outset the possibility of evolutions according to pragmatic needs that will necessarily be refined over the course of the project!

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